lw44 art space. project space. studio space.
artist-run by kuros nekouian


2009 was the start of lw44 as my studio space

2010/14 i curated the lw44 group shows (see archive)
- two exhibitions every year
- each show had a theme
- 2-3 artists from the munich area and one artist from outside of munich
- all participating artists were present during the 4 days of the exhibition
- readings, performances and artist talks

2010/12 i had my private residency program (see archive)
the artist in residence stayed for a month at lw44 and had a show at the end of their residency

in 2015 i started a new exhibition project called dialogue (see archive)
it was discontinued after the first issue


2019 - ten years later, a fresh start with an open concept

lw44 art space. project space. studio space.

news about lw44, the latest projects and the developments of running projects will be featured on this website.
on instagram lw44_art_space i will keep you up to date and will additionally post the results of older projects.